Arrow Indy-Race Slip-on 2014-2016 Honda CBR1000RR


For bikes distributed in the US, check diameter of the OE 4:1 pipes and compare it to info here or on Arrow's company website. If unsure please contact us.

Junction inlet diameter: 61mm

Juntion outlet diameter: 54mm

Indy-Race silencers were originally designed to be used on certain applications, mainly those requiring an under-seat silencer, but once available Indy-Race silencers were applied to “standard” systems as well. Design was inspired by the shape of a certain US racetrack and the cross-section makes it possible to reduce dimensions while keeping enough internal volume to damp the noise yet provide strong power output. Internal parts are in stainless steel, TIG/MIG welded, the silencer body is available in titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum with a carbon endcap.  Indy-Race silencers are also available in a street legal version. Comes with a removable noise damping baffle.

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