Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Controller 2009-2016 BMW G650 GS


Every vehicle can benefit from fuel tuning. Stock vehicles may come with a fuel / air mixture that is too lean or too rich in areas, affecting performance. Vehicles with any modifications such as exhaust or high-flow filters must have fuel tuned to accommodate the change in air / fuel ratio. Wakes up performance, delivers crisp and responsive throttle. Smooths out throttle transitions. Provides HP and torque gains. Software maps allow for easy fuel adjustment, create starting point maps with optional Z-AFM air / fuel mapper.. Switch fuel maps on the fly with optional handlebar mounted map select switch. Optional: - Handlebar-mounted switch plugs into any Z-Fi product, allowing the user to switch between fuel, quick shift, and traction control maps on the fly. Easy installation. Weatherproof toggle. - Z-AFM sel mapping fuel module uses latest in technology LSU 4.9 oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust to determine air / fuel ratio (AFR). Collects data while riding to adjust AFR for your specific bike. Plugs in with USB cord to retrieve and apply data in a few easy mouse clicks.

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