CL Brakes Street Brake Pads Yamaha YZF-R3

  • Front pads are sold as set to service two calipers (two pairs)
  • XBK5 and RX3 feature a high performance sintered compound for the street or track

CL Brakes are manufactured in France and are one of the leading brands sold across the world. Here is why so many people rely on CL Brakes to give optimum performance that they can count on:

  • All CL pads have the German TUV approval; they are extremely popular for BMW motorcycles. The backing plates are stamped with the KBA (KBA = Kraftfahrt Bundesamt, governing institution for the German TUV) which guaranties that the CL brake pads have been tested and approved.
  • Top performer in many brake pad comparison tests in European motorcycle magazines CL pads do not cause excessive wear on brake disks
  • Excellent wet braking performance

Only sintered pads can meet all the demands a modern motorcycle requires: powerful braking, no fading at extreme temperatures, braking in water, mud and sand, and no delay in cold temperatures. Most sintered brake pads are made with nickel. Some studies have shown that nickel can cause various diseases, such as lung cancer or skin allergies. However, there are no restrictions prohibiting its use. Aware of this problem, CL Brakes has developed NO-NiTech: The NO NICKEL TECHNOLOGY. To protect its employees, its customers and the environment, CL Brakes are free of lead, asbestos and nickel.

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