Hyperpro Steering Damper Kit Kawasaki Ninja 250 300

  • Kit consists of mounting hardware and steering damper
  • Hardware available in black, gold or silver
  • Actual item may vary slightly from pic

Tank slap and steering vibrations are intercepted by a steering damper, allowing your bike to steer and react the way you want it to during unexpected circumstances making riding much safer and more comfortable.

Hyperpro's progressive "RSC" (Reactive Safety Control) steering damper is revolutionary compared to the conventional linear model. Due to speed-sensitive, progressive damping, sharp blows are intercepted effectively, yet minor impacts at lower speed will minimize steering damping effect. HyperPro also makes available a standard linear steering damper for those preferring the conventional type. Both units are highly adjustable to the individual needs of the rider with 22 clicks of adjustment via top mounted knob. All hardware and components are made of high quality, aerospace grade aluminum for durability and strength and the damper is fully rebuildable.  AVOID CHEAP KNOCK-OFF IMPORTS! They are made of inferior aluminum alloys and can fail when you need them most.       

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