Puig Brake Cooler 2016-2024 ZX-10R, ZX-10RR


Improve braking performance with the Puig Brake Cooler. The brake cooler has been designed taking into account the high performance offered by sports riding, in which its effective set of brakes is pushed to the limit, with strong and continuous braking like those on the circuit, and even more so in the hot months. This can cause overheating that reduces performance and braking sensations.

Made and manufactured in Barcelona with the latest technologies in plastic molding, it is made up of two high-end ABS plastic covers, one for each disc and caliper assembly, creating a channel that captures the air and compacts and accelerates it to direct it. directly on the pads and the brake disc, managing to lower the temperature of the brakes by ten degrees on average as has been verified in race track tests, which allows them not to overheat and work optimally.

It's studied design, in addition to providing a more sporty and personalized aesthetic, eliminates turbulence at the front wheel by creating a partial lenticular cover that favors the motorcycle's aerodynamics, especially at high speeds.

Includes sturdy, lightweight aluminum brackets finished in discreet textured black. Assembly is quick and easy, it can be done without mechanical knowledge by following the step-by-step instructions that are supplied on paper and can be checked online.

Care must be taken to apply the indicated torque to the screws to ensure that they do not loosen.

Designed to lower the temperature of the brake discs by ten degrees on average, which increases the effectiveness and feel of braking, improving our safety by preventing overheating the brake assembly.

Developed in high competition, the brake cooler is appropriate for supersport bikes such as the Kawasaki ZX-10R, in which the brake assembly is put to the limit under strong and continuous braking, such as those on the race-track, and even more so during the hot months.

The brake cooler channels the air that hits the front wheel, compacting it and accelerating it directly towards the brake pads and discs, causing cooling so that they do not overheat and can work optimally.

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