Puig Enduro Footpegs 2021- BMW F900XR

7587* + 3838N

Additional freight required for orders placed outside the USA

he Puig enduro footpegs are designed specifically for crosstourer motorcycles. The moto, by allowing the use in all kinds of scenarios, requires assembling versatile components capable of adapting riding for each terrain.

The enduro footpegs have on/ff rubber bands that can be removed or put back on quickly. Its measures, 95 mm long and 60 wide, provide the driver with a wide support surface, ideal for comfortably facing the most complicated routes and safely traversing prolonged stretches.

Made of anodized aluminum, they are extremely robust and lightweight at the same time (440 gr.). They are adjustable in inclination and have some marks with which ensures an optimal mounting precision. They are available in blue, black, gold, silver, red, orange and green.

They have the TÜV certification and the ABE document.

Sold here including (3838N) 20mm Adjustable Footpegs Relocation Adapters Kit. This offset along with the Adjustable Footpeg Adapter allows you to move the footpeg relative to the original position in a 20mm radius and at 15 degree intervals. 

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