Puig New Generation Sport Screen 2024- Ducati Scrambler Nightshift


It's design is inspired by the legendary clock covers of the instrumentation of motocross motorcycles, in line with the versatile character of the Ducati Scrambler.

Designed specifically for the 2023- Ducati Scrambler, the naked New Generation Sport Screen is characterized by its asymmetry, with a surface on the right side to avoid contact with the Scrambler's clock, which is also asymmetrical. While in the left area the surfaces are much closer to the handlebars to achieve more protection. In the central part there is a slit reminiscent of the number covers of motocross and flat track motorcycles, which together with the lines based on the shape of the tank, provide a screen with a lot of character, similar to the Ducati Scrambler.

With it's installation, aerodynamic protection increases, preventing air from directly impacting the upper part of the rider’s torso, increasing riding comfort and reducing fatigue. The NG Sport screen from Puig is available in light smoke, dark smoke, clear and black, so you can choose the one that best matches your style. 

  • Dimensions (Height x Width): 235 x 251mm
  • 130mm higher than the original
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Made in Barcelona
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