R&G Exhaust Hanger Kit 2016- Honda CBR500R


This Exhaust Hanger kit includes both an Exhaust Hanger and Rear Footrest Blanking Plate and enables the removal and the pillion pegs (from both sides) for that race bike look, while allowing your exhaust to be properly supported with a stylish R&G Exhaust Hanger.

Finished in black, the stylish R&G Exhaust Hanger Kit has been specially designed to fit the Honda CBR500R '16- models, featuring a printed graphic at its center. Both parts are made from 6mm aluminum and feature a modern design, the Exhaust Hanger really gives the bike a more aggressive racing look, ditching those unsightly pillion pegs (especially if they are never used!), and the Footrest Blanking Plate allows for all otherwise exposed bolt holes to be nicely covered up.

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