Carbon2race Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover 2021-2023 Yamaha MT-09


Carbon2race parts are manufactured per order request. Please allow estimated 10 business days delivery unless advised otherwise.

Parts ship from Europe via Austria Post and some freight expense has been added to the base price of the part.


Carbon Fiber Clutch Covers by Carbon2race are a direct replacement for the original part,  enhances your bike's looks, and saves weight while having a higher degree of stiffness than the original clutch cover.

Fits models: YAMAHA MT-09 2021-2023

*Pictured in Twill Weave and Glossy Finish.

100% Handmade in EU

Every Carbon2race carbon piece is expertly crafted with the utmost care and precision in the EU. We source only the best materials from top-notch European suppliers, such as the same prepreg carbon fiber used by Ferrari and Lamborghini, and the same clear coat used on Ducati OEM carbon parts.

Carbon2race never compromises when it comes to quality, so you can rest assured you're getting the best value for your money. Once we receive your order, their team of highly skilled craftsmen will begin creating your new carbon part.

First, they will cut the fabrics and lay them up in molds. Then, the part will be cured in an autoclave, which applies up to 6 bar of pressure to consolidate the part and reduce air voids, ensuring its strength and durability.

Following the curing process, they will de-mould, trim, and prepare the part for coating in either a glossy or matte finish. Their expert painters will then apply multiple layers of coating to protect the part from scratches and UV rays for years to come.

If the part is glossy, it will be polished, and then inspected to ensure it meets all of our quality standards. Finally, it will be carefully packed and sent to you!

We are proud to offer Carbon2race parts in four distinct material and finish combinations, allowing you to customize your carbon parts to your individual style. You even have the choice to add or omit our "Carbon2race" logo. Whether you want to proudly display the logo or keep your parts "clean," the choice is yours!


200g/m2 plain weave with glossy clear coat- universal combination that looks amazing on any bike.


200g/m2 plain weave with matte coat- it's a match for Ducati OEM carbon parts. The most "discrete" option.


245g/m2 twill weave with glossy clear coat- it's a match for BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha OEM carbon parts. Very popular option, and you can't miss with this one.


245g/m2 twill weave with matte coat- it's a match for Aprilia and KTM OEM carbon parts. Very slick, and looks absolutely premium in real life.

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