Hyperpro Lowering Kit 2013-2017 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050


You may recognize the situation when stopping at a slope or on the trail in front of the traffic lights… will I be able to put my feet on the ground? Will I be able to keep the bike straight? The present feeling is of no comfort and trust in yourself and the bike. When riding the bike it’s all about confidence! This is the reason why Hyperpro started with the production of height adjustment kits. With one of their lowering kits you can lower your Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 by 30mm. Hyperpro doesn't shorten the springs, they use their knowledge about progressive springs to lower the bike by designing a special spring rate. At the starting point the spring is softer so the bike can be lowered with its own weight. After that, the spring rate is designed to be stiffer and perform better than original, without bottoming out. If you choose to use this, together with exchanging the front springs and the rear spring (the combi kit), with use of the original shock, you will have a motorcycle which fits you and has an upgraded suspension! In real terms, this means an essential difference in all areas of handling and balance.

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