Hyperpro Progressive Fork and Shock Spring Combi Kit 2020-2023 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin


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Hyperpro produces progressive springs whereby the top half is easily compressible but compression of the bottom half is much harder. The top half of the spring is supple to react flexibly to absorb small bumps and irregularities instantly. As the spring compresses, it becomes more rigid so even large bumps and holes in a road surface will not allow the suspension to bottom out.

Regular springs cause the bike to 'dive' or 'sag' causing the brakes to become less effective. With progressive Hyperpro springs the bike takes less of a dive, the rate of resistance increases which results in an improved braking distance. Progressive springs always adjust themselves instantly to changing circumstances.

If you carry a passenger on your motorcycle, the spring should provide more resistance and this is certainly the case with progressive springs. Hyperpro progressive springs even respond to the amount of fuel left in your tank.

Hyperpro progressive springs are available as a front kit, rear kit and combi kit. The fork kit includes the springs and high quality fork oil of the recommended spec.

A combi kit consists of progressive springs: front and back, fork oil, stickers and a practical user guide. In addition to step-by-step installation instructions, this user guide provides useful tips for optimal adjustment of your bike springs.

Made in Netherlands

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