Hyperpro Progressive Suspension Springs for KTM 890 Adventure

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The perfect suspenion system keeps the motorcycle; with rider, passenger and luggage in the correct riding position, keeping the wheels in contact with the road on varying terrain. Under these circustances, the ideal spring rate is changing continuously.... traditional linear springs are not engineered to deal with this. To address the need, Hyperpro designed rising rate progressive springs for stock front forks and for the rear suspension. Using the correct progressive spring with the included oil in the kit, provides better balance and control, shorter and more controlled braking distance, an improved bump absorption, better load capacity and the possibility to adjust the ride height of the bike.

Fork kit includes replacement, hi-grade fork oil of the recommended viscosity. Combi kit includes front fork springs, oil and rear shock spring. Setup notes included with all kits.

Hyperpro rear spring is purple standard, black is optional and 10$ extra

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