Hyperpro Progressive Type 467 Fully Adjustable Shock Absorber fits Indian FTR1200 (s) 2019-2020

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 The Hyperpro progressive spring allows your bike to absorb the small bumps like a light spring but give you even better bottoming resistance. The spring also helps keep you up in your travel allowing you to break even harder and reduce your braking distance helping keep you safe under hard braking situations.  Where the correct spring rate is essential for a correct performance of the motorcycle, the hydraulics within the shock absorber itself needs to control the spring.The reservoir has an internal bladder to separate the nitrogen and oil to ensure the best performance. The shock is equipped with a progressive spring and is built as a modular system, so the shock is fully serviceable and any part can easily be ordered and replaced if needed. The reservoir allows for increased volume of hydraulic fluid allowing for better heat dissipation and expansion which allows for increased suspension performance under the roughest roads. The shock features manual preload adjustment, rebound adjustment with 50 clicks and both hi- and low- speed compression adjustment.

Having your bike sprung properly for you is one the most important things you can do to increase the performance of your bike. Proper sag in front and rear allows the bike to perform to its best capability.


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