Hyperpro Steering Damper Kit 2020-2021 Kawasaki Z H2


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A steering damper, or steering stabilizer is a damping device designed to inhibit an undesirable, uncontrolled movement or oscillation of a vehicle steering mechanism, a phenomenon known in motorcycling as wobble.

Motorcycles with a short wheelbase and an aggressive steering geometry provides the ability to make very quick changes in direction. As a side-effect it the bike is less stable, gives less feedback from uneven road surfaces, and is more difficult to control. If the front wheel is not completely inline from the direction of travel when it touches down after a small wheelie, it may cause an unwanted wobble.

Steering dampers are factory installed on more and more high-end motorcycles, not only sport, but also naked and touring bikes. This is to counter these undesirable behaviors. Steering dampers offer comfort and safety....and Hyperpro offers the best!

A Hyperpro steering damper reduces this kind of risk to a bare minimum. Wobbles - tank-slappers - and vibrations are intercepted by the damper. As a result, you have a bike that steers the way you want and reacts the way you’d hope for in unexpected circumstances.

Hyperpro's progressive "RSC" (Reactive Safety Control) steering damper is revolutionary compared to the conventional linear model. Due to speed-sensitive, progressive damping, sharp blows are intercepted effectively, yet minor impacts at lower speed will minimize steering damping effect.

HyperPro also makes available a standard linear steering damper for those preferring the conventional type. Both units are highly adjustable to the individual needs of the rider with 22 clicks of adjustment via top mounted knob.

Avoid cheap import knockoffs that are made from inferior aluminum alloy. All hardware and components are made of high quality, aerospace grade aluminum anodized for durability and the damper is fully rebuildable.

  • Mounts in the top/tank position
  • Suitable for 2020-2021 Kawasaki Z H2 models
  • Made in Netherlands
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