Kellermann Bullet DF Blinker


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Position: Front & Rear

Color/Finish: Black

The smallest and brightest dual functioning blinker on planet Earth!

A 3 in 1 sensation as it hasn’t been seen before: The Atto® DF is the latest and by far most spectacular member of Kellermann’s successful Atto® series!

The world’s smallest blinker is now available in triple function with an integrated tail and brake light.

Behind the extremely small yet sensationally bright Atto® DF lays a multifunctional all-rounder: At the rear it is visually almost completely disguised with a light surface, which would fit four times on a 1 Cent coin! In result the rear of the motorcycle can be designed as clean and individual as never before. However, in action the Atto® DF shines with an intensity which has made Kellermann products legendary – it’s not the size but the illumination power that counts. Blinker, tail and brake light warn with an uncompromising intensity, clearly signaling the following traffic to keep its distance.

Kellermann’s well-known HighPower LED technology** and EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology manage an optimized light channeling through a smart system of lenses and reflectors and thus enabling this combination of sensational brilliance and minimal size.

The Atto® DF can be combined with various other series e.g. Atto® or Bullet 1000®. As the complete electronics are in the casing the Atto® DF allows for a significant reduction in weight.

* You might need a load independent flasher relay to regulate the blinker flashing rate, check for the load independent flasher relays on our site.

** Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard® system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction.

* replaces the existing tail / brake light as well as indicators
* sensational new rear look
* EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
* Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
* Longlife Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
* High quality metal housing
* Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
* With M5x0, 5x6 ,5 fastening screw European design protection
* Not DOT compliant, for show purposes only!



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