Puig Pro Brake Lever Protector with Rear View Mirror


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NOTE: If you want the counterweight on the clutch side of your motorcycle to be the same as the counterweight included in the brake lever protector, you must order Left Bar End Weight (3770N) in the options. 

Combines in an elegant and compact piece the protector for brake / clutch lever with mirror anchored to the end of the handlebar. This Puig product is an exercise in design and practicality as it manages to elegantly and compactly merge the lever protector with a mirror placed at the end of the handlebar.

Made from a single block of aluminum with black anodizing, it has a modern and sporty look. The anodizing of the end of the protector is available in several colors, in order to better combine it with the latest naked sports on the market.

Due to both the materials used and its light design, it is a resistant and very light piece. With its installation, in addition to giving the motorcycle a sportier and more personalized look, it prevents accidental actuation of the clutch or brake lever in the event of a collision with another vehicle, as well as adding extra protection in the event of a fall.

The mirror can be manually adjusted, quickly providing the best setting for each rider and can be easily repositioned in case it moves due to a small impact. Its installation is very easy and fast since it is placed in place of the original bar end weights.

  • Includes bar end weight
  • 13-18 mm Diameter
  • Not compatible with bar ends or bar end mirror
  • Mirror not homologated
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