R&G Racing Radiator Guard 2023- Kawasaki ZX-4RR, 2020- ZX-25R


Please allow estimated 2-3 weeks delivery on special order. 

Damage to a bike doesn't only come from crashes – a stone through the radiator from everyday riding can cost you just as much money and equally ruin your day.

R&G Radiator Guards are constructed from robust aluminum mesh and frame that doesn't restrict the flow of cooling air but adds a secondary layer of protection, preventing debris flicked up by other road users (or even your own front wheel) from causing damage to the expensive cooling systems. Available in a large range of fitments and color options.

R&G Radiator Guards are available in black or titanium or green or light blue finish to fit the Kawasaki ZX-25R '20- & ZX-4R(R) (SE) ’23- model. They are made from pressed aluminium and feature a neat, seamless frame (where applicable). They improve the looks of your bike and help to protect your expensive and vulnerable radiator from flying debris.

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